For foreigners

For foreigners

Are you coming for your holiday in Mauritius? You are coming to vacation with a well planned calendar, but you will have to spend a lot of time occupying them. There comes the main role of Anse La Raie Care Home, where services & offers offered are equal for Residents and Foreigners.

Addtional services provided

Even with a list of services already included in our offer, we do also provided additional services to our residents on request:

  • In case the residents wants to accompany their relative/parents/wards on outdoor visits, we can provide them with a dedicated carer staff to be with them for the visit, to take care of all their needs and basics during the outdoor visit
  • If the resident wants to be part of the relative/parents/wards’ activities (water sports or other), we can propose special activities for them so that they also live that vacation vibes and do not feel left behind since their loved one will be nearby
  • Custom made meals provided upon request, the food will be prepared by the chef in-house so that the resident’s health needs are taken into consideration while preparing the food


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