Activities are organized by our team on a regular basis. These activities have been designed specially for elder people, so all activities programmed is done under strict conditions taking into consideration their age, needs and risks.

  • Social activities
  • Recreational activities
  • Outings

Social activities

To help our residents have a good social life and continuous social interaction, our program involves social activities like:

  • Mauritius being a multicultural country, we celebrate almost all festivals celebrated by our "Arc-en-ciel" population
  • gathering with the resident
  • food preparation and sharing
  • interaction with the neighbours
  • interaction with kids to help stimulate their mind

Recreational activities

Our R&D team worked alongside professional health & elderly person welfare consultants to create a range of activities that are carried out randomly at our care home on a weekly basis. These activities involves:

  • Laughing therapy
  • Morning walk
  • Party
  • Dancing
  • soft-yoga therapy
  • gardening
  • painting & drawing
  • routine activities
  • debate sessions
  • movie sessions

We continuously evolve according to needs and trends of our residents


Leaving your daily routines and discovering new horizon could be truly encouraging and energizing sometimes. That is why Anse La Raie Care Home team, also does regular outings with its resident (for those who can travel and need less assistance).

Many places are visited which involves, natural, cultural, scenic and peaceful places in Mauritius. Sometime it could a whole day spent at the seaside, some of them love this one the most.

Our Services

Good foods


We help them stay happy through recreational programs and empowerment. We help them stay happy and do what they like to do.

Medical follow-ups


Fresh healthy food made by our chefs in the kitchen for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You are what you eat!


Medical Follow-ups

A team of doctors does a monthly check-up of their health status. Special attention given to those who needs more of it.


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